Classic cars are a luxury for the hearing, if Jaguar is the thing whole sum. Authentic jewelry or works of art that ply our roads with majesty. We were able to admire these wonderful cars with our own eyes in a beautiful setting that’s available in the Hotel La Residencia in Deia located.


But as beautiful as these cars can not compare with the smile of a child, the reason for this most famous event was to raise money for Plan International, which is an international organization of protection of children without religious or political affiliation, Founded in 1937 and is currently present in 66 countries to improve the lives of children, their families and communities.

In 2008, Jaguar Touring Classic raised € 15,000 which was allocated to the project “Improvement and access to quality education” to help 74 children from the rural area of ​​Alta Verapaz (Guatemala). In 2009, Jaguar Touring Classic donated over $ 20,000 that was earmarked for emergency relief fund of PLAN International, which were sent to Haiti to help victims of the earthquake. Last year, Jaguar International Plan Tour 2010 “The white villages of Andalusia” got more than 30,000 €. Half of the proceeds supporting the campaign PLAN “Because girls’ through the funding of scholarships for girls in El Salvador. The other half went to provide assistance to countries suffering natural disasters such as Haiti, Pakistan, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, etc. .. and awareness campaigns for children in England and other countries.

We had the opportunity to speak with the organizer of Classic Jaguar Touring, Mr. Jim Gavin, who told us all the projects it has on the agenda, the places they visit to raise funds and work methodology in your organization. A wonderful initiative which urge people to make aware and from Más Mallorca support greatly.

Use Sintes (Jefe sección Ocio), Sheila Leon (Reportera), Kico Sarmiento (Fotógrafo).