Vestit de pagèsTraditional dress plays an important role in Mallorca’s history and culture. Known as the “dress of the countryman” or “baggy dress”, it is the typical clothing worn by the general population in imitation of the upper classes.

Vestit de pagès - Typical dress of Mallorca

It is often the attire donned for festivals or traditional ceremonies, passed down from generation to generation until nearly the end of last century in poorer families.

The male dress consists of loose-fitting trousers tied with rope at the waist and knees, breeches, a wide belt to protect the back, single-piece shirt, a waistcoat or jacket, warm cape or cloak, “espardenyes” or “albarca” single-piece footwear. They wore hats of all kinds and neckerchiefs worn either round the neck or shoulders. The skilled workers or citizens wore a type of hose.

Vestit de pagès

Female dress comprised of a type of doublet, thick skirts for the winter, thinner ones for the summer, dress or outer skirts, stockings of varying lengths, petticoats, bodices and crinolines. For the hair, they wore caps made from a fine material that sometimes reached the neckline.

In terms of jewellery, at that time an indispensable part of a person’s attire, the items that were the most popular until present day are those from the 18th century: cording, silver button detail, lockets, crosses and rosary beads.