Javier Gila, five-time Spanish Sommelier champion explains what wine harmonise best with different dishes.

Harmony between food and wine, Mallorca

What wines harmonise with appetisers?
Dry, fizzy white and young red wines.

What wines harmonise with seafood?
Fine, manzanilla, young white.

What wines harmonize with fish?
Sole and turbot: fruity white.
Salmon, tuna, cod: young red.
Smoked: Chardonnay, rosé, and young red.
Octopus is very versatile.

Harmony between food and wine, MallorcaWhat wines harmonise with rice and pasta dishes?
When they have vegetables: rosé or light reds, and when they include seafood: aromatic whites.
Fresh pasta: a young white.
Paellas: from structured whites to medium aged reds.

What wines harmonize with cold cuts and pâtés?
Most cold cuts go with aged reds.
Pâtés go with structured reds.

What wines harmonize with poultry?
If the garnish is simple, a light red, if it is more complex, a more structured wine.

What wines harmonize with meats?
Roast veal: from strong whites to reds.
Cream sauces: bodied and dry whites.
Dark sauces: smooth but intense reds.
Pork: young reds.
For meat stews, I recommend red wine.
Roast or grilled meat, light, slightly aged wines.
Roast lamb, red wine.
Big game needs aged, bodied reds.
Rabbit and hare need Mediterranean reds.


What wines harmonise with cheeses?
A wine-cheese harmony depends on the region, type of milk and production.
Blue cheeses need robust reds.
Goat’s cheeses need dry and fruity whites.
Soft cheeses, from structured whites to young reds.
Pressed cheeses, light aged reds.

Enjoy and drink in moderation!

Harmony between food and wine, Mallorca

Harmony between food and wine, Mallorca