Behind the walls of the Santa Maria Magdalena convent, we find the regular Lateran canonesses nuns. Crossing a flower walkway, we find the barefoot Carmelites.

Just a few meters way, in the Old Town, there are two more cloistered convents. In Calle de Les Caputxines, is the Purisima Concepción monastery, while the Agustina nuns follow their life of seclusion in the Zaforteza manor house in Calle Concepción. This tiny area of Palma gathers four congregations that are experts in confinement.

In La Calatrava area, the brides turn to Santa Clara hoping that the prayers of those living within will bring about good weather on their wedding day.

A monastic life of meditation in Palma. Santa Magdalena convent, Palma, Mallorca.
Santa Magdalena convent, Palma.

In Calle de la Porta del Mar, the Jerónima sisters used to dwell in the Santa Isabel convent, but they were moved to Inca. Further from the center (Sant Francesc de Sales, 128) we find the Visitación de Santa Maria of the Salesian nuns.

Most of the buildings have small lodging accommodations for family and other members of the order who are travelling through

The imposing and austere walls, gates and lattice work of the convents provide the city’s old town with a medieval look.

When seeing the cosmopolitan ambience of the center of Palma, little would one suspect the existence of these women who are such great experts in confinement.

A monastic life of meditation in Palma. Carrer de la Concepció, Palma, Mallorca.
La Puríssima Concepció convent, Palma.