La Reserva Puig de Galatzó is a nature reserve with an area of 2.5 million m² situated in the south-west of Majorca, in Puigpuñyent, some 17 km from Palma. The park was founded in 1986 and declared by the Island Council of Majorca as a public utility and of social interest on 3rd August 1992. Its official inauguration took place on 24th October 1992.

At present, a marked path leads through this unique landscape of Majorca. La Reserva is situated at the foot of the mountain “Galatzó”, one of the most famous mountains of the island with an altitude of 1,026 metres above sea level. Its valley is one of the most beautiful on the island and was one of the first districts to be inhabited by human beings.The Galatzó and its valley belong to one of the most enigmatic zones of the island. This is principally due to the legend of the Earl of Mal, a cruel nobleman, who owned this land in the 17th century and who’s ghost still lives here. There are also other anecdotes to tell, such as that of the surviving Muslims in times of the Christian reconquest who took refuge here and that this mountain is considered to be the most magnetic one in Europe.


La Reserva is an abundantly vegetated area with a great variety of plants. This is due to its variation in height from 200 metres above sea level up to 1026 metres of the Puig de Galatzó. The indigenous plants of major interest are described in a catalogue that can be obtained at the entrance of the park. Apart from plants, La Reserva accommodates three brown bears, ostriches, emus, deers, wild donkeys, goats, peacocks, geese and a great variety of ducks in a landscape of caves and waterfalls. The entire circuit through the park is about 3.5 km long. After a walk of approximately one hour, passing by several waterfalls, there is a large barbecue area and a kiosk-bar, where snacks and cold drinks are offered. Lunch can be served here at the table or barbecues be prepared by oneself. This is also the place where the famous bird of prey exhibitions take place twice a day.