The Son Real public estate, with an area of 395 hectares, is located on the Northeast coast of Mallorca, in the municipality of Santa Margalida.

There are important archaeological, ethnographic and natural remains, which make it a great open-air museum.

It is a unique necropolis in Mallorca and in the Western Mediterranean.

In the Son Real necropolis there are different tombs that reproduce, on a small scale, the most important constructions of the Talayotic culture (naviform chambers, square and circular talayots).

This place dates back to the Iron Age, and was a settlement from this time until the Roman period.

Necrópolis de Son Real (archaeological ruins), open-air museum

109 tombs have been preserved, occupying an approximate area of 800 m2, where the remains of about 300 people were located, but it is possible that more than 400 had been buried.

With some of the fees collected with the eco-tax (which the tourists were paying from May 2002 until October 2003), the government purchased the 400- hectares Finca Son Real in the bay of Alcúdia.

It is an interesting place with farmland, an unspoilt beach and archaeological ruins.

It is located in the north of Mallorca on the road from Can Picafort to Artà (kilometre 18).

You can also go to the east from the beach of Can Picafort and after 20 minutes you reach the necropolis. From here there are several dirt roads to the farm.+

You could visit the farm and  get information on the phone number:  [0034] 669 100400 and (0034) 971 185 363. The house is being turned into a museum which should open on 2007.

The finca is open from 10 to 19 (1. April to 30. September) and from 10 to 17 (1. October to 31. March).

“The Son Real necropolis and the Illa dels Porros

Report produced between 1957 and 1962 that includes the results of the excavations carried out in the Son Real Necropolis and the Illa dels Porros islet:

First of all, the excavation in Son Real stands out, where tombs and grave goods belonging to the Talaiotic culture have been discovered. Mentioning that a detailed publication is being prepared that will include information about each tomb, with drawings of the grave goods and plans of the sepulchral monuments.

General plan of the Son Real Necropolis and the Illa des Porros
Son Real Necropolis

Reference is made to the structure of the tombs, highlighting a type of tomb with an apsidal plan that is reminiscent of the naveta monuments of Menorca. These tombs are built on virgin rock, with long, narrow pits inside. The layout of the walls and the presence of large slabs in certain areas are detailed.

Download “The necropolis of Son Real and the Illa dels Porros”

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