Plaza-de-la-Reina-Palma-de-Mallorca-1You will find La Plaza de la Reina (Queen’s square) at the end of the Borne, right by Conquistador hill and the steps to the Costa de la Seu (Cathedral). In this square you will find a round central fountain and a pretty flower garden.



It is a perfectly developed area dating back to 1863 when a roundabout was built where the San Francisco de Paula convent once stood. The roundabout included a garden in the centre of which was a water fountain and a small pond.

In the small garden to the side of the square you can see a monument that dates back to 1928, a bronze figure created in reference to a poem by Joan Alcover. It is a shady, pretty and welcoming corner. Fountains decorated with grotesques provide a mysterious ambience.


La Plaza de la Reina
is surrounded by interesting buildings that well represent Palma’s architecture; buildings with conservatories and cast iron railings.

This pleasant corner of the city seems magical, with the gurgling of the fountains and the pleasant shade provided by the trees.