When walking around the heart of Palma, we come across many Majorcan patios that bear witness to history, art and time. One of the most emblematic of these can be found in Can Vivot, on Calle Can Savellà number 4.

This manor house was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1973, originally dating back to medieval times, with major renovations carried out in the 17th century and again at the beginning of the 18th century.

Mallorcan Patios of Palma: Son VivotIt is a historic reference point for the Island of Mallorca and the rest of Spain, this is the place where the conspiracy backing the Bourbons was plotted during the War of Succession (1701-1713).

In fact, the political ideas of the era are reflected in its design; the Can Vivot patio is considered to be one of the most representative of bourbon style.

A corner for leisure, somewhere to shelter from the rain, somewhere to meet and chat, just some of the uses of this emblematic space, that without a doubt fascinated, and still fascinates those that have the pleasure of stopping to enjoy it.

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Mallorcan Patios of Palma: Son Vivot