It is a small, square-shaped dog. The length of its body is equal to its height, and does not exceed 40cm round. It is a very lively dog.



Its head is held high with well pricked ears. Its fur should be short and shiny, and standard colorations include: fire black, fire brown, three blacks and three browns. A distinctive feature of this race is that it has no tail.


It is classed as a hunt dog because this is its main purpose, excelling in hunting rabbits and rats in particular, showing great tenacity and passion.

Its modest size, courage, intelligence and physical resistance make it a great companion and, at the same time, an excellent guard dog.


This dog was highly-valued in rural Mallorca during the last century. In 1990 the “Mallorcan Ratting Dog” club was born, undertaking the task of selecting and reviving this native Mallorcan race, yielding results in 2002 when the race was recognised as such by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing.

According to a series of textual evidence, this race has 160 years of history that links it to two very old breeds of dog: those of Pharaonic origin and terriers. Today, this race is very popular on our islands.