Más Mallorca, the first magazine in Mallorca on the environment, leisure and culture in English, German, Russian, Catalan and Spanish, is aimed at a family audience interested in getting to know Mallorca in an experiential and conscious way.

The magazine “+Mallorca” emerged in 2006 due to the lack of accessible media that would make known the values that our Island offers without focusing solely on “sun and sand”, making the Island of Mallorca known in depth through alternatives that allow you to discover the environmental, landscape and cultural value that this land hides.

At +Mallorca we are closely committed to the dissemination of these values and the need to defend this unique and different territory of ours, and this is the spirit that guided the launch of the magazine in 2006.

The beaches and good climate attracted our first visitors at the beginning of the 20th century, when the island was a winter destination. After the years of the tourism “boom”, in which sun and beach tourism was promoted, today the sector has evolved thanks to the demand of a more demanding and informed visitor who is attracted by factors such as the landscape, gastronomy, hiking, cycling, water sports, history or any other aspect included under the broad umbrella of culture.

+Mallorca is part of this line, which aims to be a complete guide that helps tourists and residents to get to know the island through points of view different from those that frequently appear in conventional tourist itineraries.

Month by month we descend into the realm of detail to offer you an expanded and often unpublished image of our way of life: patron saint festivals, traditions, customs and ancestral rites, clothing, historical figures and places, flora and fauna, excursions, gastronomy, crafts. ..

This is the challenge that guides us and from here we invite the reader identified with these values to fully enjoy the pages of our magazine, which do not make up anything other than our identity.


Junta directiva +Mallorca

Jaume Estévez

Presidente / Cofundador

Maria Victoria Sintes

Diseño gráfico & desarrollo multimedia / Cofundadora

Sinto Sanz

Sección Cicloturismo

Xisco Munar

Fotos y deporte