Porreres is a municipal area in the interior Southern part of Mallorca’s most central region. The municipal area only contains one city centre with a current number of 5,479 inhabitants.




Agriculture has been the village’s most profitable factor for centuries. Testimonies for this are the 36 windmills, such as Sa Torre, Son Lluís, Es Pagos, Es Monjos, Son Porquer or Sa Bastida. They are still preserved in a considerably high number.

The region’s type of soil is suitable for the cultivation of cereals, almond trees and vineyards. During some periods, saffron had been planted and for decades the production of apricots, with which the village made a name for itself, has been one of the most important agricultural activities in Porreres.


Various religious  monuments, which are also symbols of the village, have been attracting tourists and thus helped the place to overcome the current crisis that the agricultural sector has been suffering from.



  • The Church “Nostra Senyora de la Consolació”
  • The Church “Sant Felip Neri”
  • Sanctuary of “La Mare de Déu Monti-sion”
  • Museum and “Fons Artístic de l’Ajuntament de Porreres”
  • The Rectory
  • Windmills
  • “Creus de Terme”
  • “Pous Públics”


Porreres, Mallorca