Glass Blowing in Mallorca

The process used in Majorca to make handcrafted glass objects, or at least the most common process, is glass blowing, the origins of which date back to the second century.

 Glass Blowing

Up until then, glass artefacts were fashioned by using sand or clay moulds in which the molten glass was poured.

The process of glass blowing consists of placing an iron tube into a mass of molten glass, and then blowing down the tube, inflating the glass as though it were a balloon.

To give shape to this “balloon”, it is revolved on the tube while the molten material is pulled into shape with tongs.



Tongs and a blowpipe the only tools for making the most varied glass objects. When the piece has been given the required form, it is separated from the tube with a blade.


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Glass Blowing in Mallorca

Vidrieries Gordiola.
Carretera Palma a Mancor, km19. Algaida: all kinds of blown glass as ornaments. One can visit the museum as well as the workshop.

S.C.L. Menestralia.
Carretera de Palma a Alcúdia, km 36. Campanet.

La Fiore. SA.
Carretera de Valldemossa, km 11. S’Esglaieta.

Vidrierías Mayra Carrá.
C/ de Tiziano, 26. Palma.

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