BiniaraixThe architecture and nature surrounding Biniaraix make it an idyllic spot. From this small hamlet, that belongs to the Sóller municipality, there is a stone road that at one time led all the way to the Lluc sanctuary.




There are 1932 steps from the hamlet to the Cases de l’Ofre, an impressive example of traditional engineering.


The Casas de L’Ofre is a massive manor house and grounds that dates back to Muslim rule. At various points of the climb we can see the Puig de l’Ofre (1091).




Biniaraix’s church and town centre have been declared Places of Cultural Interest, in the historic group category. The parish was built at the end of the 16th century and boasts a bell tower covered in small white tiles.

The Cas Don and Can Ribera houses as well as the old public wash rooms and the parish are all worthy of mention. 


Biniaraix has been able to preserve its architecture without letting urban development damage it, maintaining its extraordinary beauty, a corner of true peace in Mallorca.





Biniaraix street, Mallorca