A small plant, trunk is woody at the base but branches are herbaceous. These branches are pilose, with lanceolate leaves of greyish or reddish colours. In the upper story the flowers are formed, with five white petals.


Arenaria Grandiflora



In the mountains of Mallorca exists another subspecies, glabrescens, which is much more common, can be told apart, as this latter subspecies has larger flowers and the leaves are an intense green. Subspecies. bolosii is fairly rare, lives in the upper elevations of the Serra de Tramuntana and is considered in danger of extinction. Flowers during the months of June and July.



Arenaria grandiflora (L.) subsp. bolosii (Cañig.) Küpfer


Synonyms: Arenaria grandiflora (L.) var. bolosii Cañig.

Family: Caryophyllaceae.
Distribution in the islands: Mallorca.

Flowering time: June, July.
Serra de Tramuntana.