Market and art; until now two almost contradicting words that when placed together in a sentence can even offend those who think that artists come from another planet and that they can survive with just love and air.


Now, if we add to both these words “in Mallorca” we no longer get the sense contradiction but a sense of uncertainty; can there really be an art market in Mallorca?

Well the answer is, yes, there is one, but it is a very special market with features that are somewhat different from the normal markets held elsewhere.

Apart from the quintessential Mallorcan painter, Miguel Barceló, whose contributions went well beyond the local and national sphere a long time ago, we find a rather conservative panorama, with reasonable prices, where the artists are not really prone to taking risks.


In Mallorca we find galleries filled with the works of artists that we all know, based on the traditional Mallorcan taste for landscapes and everyday scenes, with prices ranging between 2000 to 50000 Euros, and others that have clear contemporary leanings, with more daring ideas but lower prices, between 1.000 and 20.000