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Bendinat Castle

History Bendinat Castle
Bendinat is an old Moorish farm estate, documented in the 13th century with the name ‘Bendinex’.
It has passed through the hands of several families since the 15th century, but it was the marriage between Pedro Caro Álvarez of Toledo and Elisabeth Szécsény Zichy-Ferraris which commissioned the neo-Gothic castle of Bendinat.

Santa María de La Real Monastery

Access to the La Real monastery is through a door on the side of the church, there is a two-story cloister, with three point archways supported by spiral columns on the ground floor and fluted pillars on the top floor.

Mallorca’s Crystal Church, Porciúncula

The Crystal church is a structure of dazzling beauty, built upon concrete and iron ribs that sustain 39 stained glass windows, providing the building with a mystical aura. The windows depict scenes of nature and the cosmos, characterising the Franciscan order, combined with biblical scenes.


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