parques-urbanos-palma-de-mallorca-4In the last twenty years, Palma de Mallorca has worked on new city parks and beautified or enlarged those that were already there.


The Parc de la Riera is the biggest one and was opened in 2004.
The Parc de la Mar boasts a salt water lake, reminding us of the time when the sea reached right up to the Cathedral wall.

Its privileged location places it in the middle of the route that links the old town with the Paseo del Borne. In one of its corners we find the last standing remains of the old Arab wall.
Krekovic Park in the Poligono de Levante was opened in 1990 in honour of Croatian painter Kristian Krekovic (1901-1985) who lived in Mallorca for 20 years.

City parks are a reflection of recent history. This is the case of the Sa Feixina Park that since 1948 has been home to the monolith dedicated to those who died on the warship “Crucero Baleares”, during the civil war. This park also has a botanical garden and a novel sun dial in the shape of a pyramid.