Santueri castleThe Santueri castle is located strategically on top of a hill, at 408 metres above sea level in Majorca’s Serra de de Llevant.


Santueri castle




Protected by steep cliffs, it was rebuilt in the 14th Century on top of the ruins of an Arab fortress, which in turn was built on Byzantine fortifications, and very probably on a Roman military settlement.


Only part of the exterior walls remains standing, together with some interior enclosures and wells.

Santueri castle

In addition to the wild flowers and endemic animal and plant-life, a stroll around the vast interior of the castle allows visitors to admire spectacular panoramic views of most of Majorca.

The road to Santueri castle out of a deviation from Felanitx road to Cas Concos.

Santueri castleCastell-de-Santueri_5

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