A visit to the Diocesan Museum in Mallorca includes a full tour of the island’s Christian art.


The permeant collection of the Diocesan Museum housed here includes works from Early Christian times until the 20th century, as well as baroque and renaissance pieces.

One can but admire an altarpiece from the 13th century by an anonymous artist, or the shrine for Jaime II.

The upper rooms host temporary exhibitions. During 2016, 280 of Ramón Llull’s works will be on show documenting his life.

A tour through this amazing medieval building also offers a magnificent view of the bay of Palma, and a glimpse of the remains of the old city walls, as well as details designed by Antonio Gaudí.

At the end of the tour we can see the Christ of the Holy Sepulchre (from the 13th century) the oldest and most worshiped image in Mallorca, and we can enter the San Pablo oratory (dating back to the 15th century).


Visits Diocesan Museum: 971713133 (ext.423#)
Mail visitas@catedraldemallorca.org