Palma’s Jewish quarter, Banco de España, Mallorca

The Jewish community spread out across various areas of Palma, making its mark throughout a large area of the historic centre. Walking round the “call major” and “call menor” we can explore the pretty streets in the city centre.

Palma’s Jewish quarter, JAIME II, Mallorca



During Muslim rule the Jews lived in the Almudaina complex. The Jewish quarter then moved into the “call menor”, between Calle Sant Bartomeu, de la Monges and Jaume II. The Banco de España now sits where the synagogue used to be in the “call menor”. Later on, King Jaume II determined that the Jews should live in the “call mayor”.


The gates in Sol and Montesión streets belonged to the Temple Order and to the Calatrava. There are many interesting monuments in this area, such as the gothic interior of the Santa Eulalia church, the Convent of the Clarisas or Montesión church.


Moshé Faquim built a tower in Calle Torre del Amor from which he could watch the wife of Magaluf Natjar. It is really interesting to walk through the picturesque streets of the old Jewish sector in Palma; they offer a mix of busy commercial areas such as Jaume II and some very quiet yet beautiful alleyways.

Palma’s Jewish quarter, Banco de España, Mallorca