Access to the La Real monastery is through a door on the side of the church, there is a two-story cloister, with three point archways supported by spiral columns on the ground floor and fluted pillars on the top floor.

La Real Monastery is three kilometres away from the old Palma wall, offering a peaceful home to the 6 monks that live here.

This is one of the three places Ramón Lull where chose to leave his works, the others being the Cartuja de Vauvert and the house of Percival Spínola.

La Real holds a large collection of editions of the Majorcan philosopher’s work, a Majorcan themed bibliography with more than 15.000 titles, on natural sciences and religious beliefs.

The library has over 400 manuscripts, the oldest being a parchment dating back to 1385 called “Consolat de Mar” on which international maritime law is based.

In total there are some 40.000 volumes that can be seen Tuesdays and Thursdays between 16:30 and 20:00.