dominacions-bizantines-i-islamiques_1Between 455 and 534 the island confronted part of the Vandal Kingdom. Already in 425 they had landed in the island, they plundered and destroyed Pollentia. From the year 534, Majorca began to form a part of the Byzantine Empire.




Justiniano I (527-565) emperor of the Roman Empire of East tackles the expansion for the whole Mediterranean, and Apolinar, Byzantine general, conquers the islands and includes them in this empire. In 903 the incorporation of Majorca takes place in the Islamic world after a rapid conquest. Majorca stayed under Cordova’s authority. In 1015 Majorca depended on Denia’s gang, until in 1086 obtain a precarious independence, it provoked a crusade pisano – Catalan that plundered and destroyed Medina Mayurca in 1115. Between the centuries X and the XIIIth a rich agriculture of irrigation developed in Majorca. The cultural and artistic life also bloomed and Majorca turned into a center of interchange between east and west, between the Moslem world and the Christian.