Jornets extra virgin olive oil presents an unbeatable quality which makes it a vital ingredient for any good mealtime.



It has been produced at Jornets, a former farmstead covering 27 hectares in Sencelles, since 1998. The product has been sold under the Oli de Mallorca denomination of origin since 2003. It is made from Picual olives, a very common variety in Spain, although the specific traits of the Mallorcan soil and climate give the oil a unique set of characteristics, including a sweet and lightly bitter or sharp flavour. The olives are hand-picked and the oil itself is obtained in the mill using mechanical means, and avoiding processes which lead to its alteration.


Last year, Jornets extra virgin olive oil was mentioned in the German food magazine Der Feinshemecker, which identified it as one of the top 50 olive oils in the world. Mariano Planas feels that the olive oil produced in Mallorca is highly valued within the market, and stresses the importance of maintaining current levels of professionalism to ensure the health of the industry.

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Jornets olive oil receives important international prize

Jornets extra virgin olive oil keeps on reaping awards. Where, last year, it was German magazine Der Feinschmecker that nominated it one of the world’s top 50 olive oils, this year, the Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles (AVPA) has awarded this oil the 2011 ‘Gourmet d’Argent’ prize. The company Sencelles, run by Mariano Planas Gual de Torrella, received this award in the ‘Douce fruité Mûr’ category. The awards ceremony took place in Paris on 30th March.
The aim of the AVPA awards is to give international renown to food products that meet certain parameters of excellence. Every year, it organises the “Oils of the World” competition, as part of which oils from all corners of the globe are sampled. The judges’ panel is made up of professionals from within the sector and experienced connoisseurs.