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The Llonguet, a bread roll with identity

From a bread roll baked just for the wealthy to a symbol of the city of Palma

The llonguet is a bread roll that has its own identity and history, a history that dates back to the days of the archduke Lluís Salvador.

It seems to have a French origin, and from there it arrived in Catalunya, where it became very popular. It probably arrived in Mallorca thanks to the journeys the local bakers made to Barcelona in search of new produce and techniques that they couldn’t find on the island.
It gained more popularity in the mid 20th century. The llonguet was an exclusive bakery item. They were made one by one, by expert hands, very different from the villages and rural areas where the people were much more attached to the traditional pan payés.
Oddly enough, the llonguet was on the brink of extinction, but thanks to some bakers who never stopped producing them, and the appearance of endeavors such as the Orgull Llonguet (Llonguet Pride) this charismatic bread role was saved and is now more alive than ever.
Every Wednesday there is a route through different bakeries in the city, the Llonguet is the main feature, it also plays a big part in Palma’s San Sebastian festivities. The llonguet is now symbolic of the city.

Voz Gourmand

Obra de llatra

“Obra de llatra” is an artisanal product made from the leaves of the dwarf fan palm (chamaerops humilis), the only palm native to Europe that is commonly found in the Mediterranean.

Llengües fabric: Mediterranean ikats

Mallorca’s looms produce what are probably the last ikats in Europe. Ikat is a dyeing and fabric weaving technique. The name the llengües fabric receives in Mallorca is robes de llengües, a traditional fabric with a long history on the island.

Son Mut Nou

In the heart of the Marina de Llucmajor, Mallorca, stands the Son Mut Nou Finca, here the earth is dry and rain is a rare commodity, fig trees make the most of the dryness and extract what they need from the dry ground and clay to produce an even more tasty fruit.

Galmés i Ribot, working the land with love and respect.

Finca Rotes dels Cavallers belongs to the Galmés Ribot family, but way back in the 17th century it belonged to the mythical Comte Mal (Count Evil) who rented it out to his knights so they could cultivate the vineyard and produce wine, evidence of the long established wine making tradition in Santa Margalida.

A new kind of Gourmet sampling at Embutidos Matas

Mallorcan company Embutidos Matas, located in Maria de la Salut, offers tours to tourist groups, who get to sample all their main products (sobrasada, longaniza, butifarra and butifarrón) accompanied by other local delicacies (Mallorcan bread, oil, wine, tomatoes, almonds, olives, etc) and traditional Mallorcan dancing. Manager, Joan Carbonell Matas, explains that the aim is for tourists to relax while eating and drinking.


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