The Solivellas and Oli s’Illa extra virgin olive oils, both registered under the Oil of Mallorca Denomination of Origin, offer the palate a balanced oil which retains all the intensity and flavour of the olive itself.




The Solivellas family harvests and processes the olives at Es Guinyent farm, which is set in a privileged location to the north of Mallorca, in Alcúdia.

Very close to the sea and the Serra de Tramuntana the olives are cultivated in red, limy soils and enjoy a fresh, sea breeze.

Solivellas and Oli s’Illa olive oils, the intensity and taste of Mallorca


The process is based on limited production and the early harvest of the olive, which means a more intense oil is obtained.


As Sebastià Solivellas explains, 50,000 bottles of Solivellas and Oli s’Illa are produced each season. Eighty percent is consumed in Spain, mainly on the Balearic Islands. Twenty percent is exported, primarily to central European countries, though more recently they have also been exported to Scandinavia and Canada.

The Denomination of Origin’s criteria guarantee that the oil has been cultivated and processed in Mallorca, an island whose physical and geographical features give rise to a high quality product.

It also constitutes a brand which helps spread the word of Mallorca as a tourist destination, something which the Solivellas family considers very important. “It is important to emphasise the relationship between agro-alimentary products and farm maintenance, since the consumption of local goods contributes to the protection and maintenance of Mallorca’s rural landscape, which is of increasing importance to the tourist industry”, explains Solivellas.

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Solivellas and Oli s’Illa olive oils, the intensity and taste of Mallorca