The Vins Miquel Gelabert winery, located in Manacor, has been producing wines for the past 25 years and, today, is one of the most recognised brands in Mallorca.


Miquel Gelabert wines, Mallorca

The company makes red, white, rosé and sweet wines. It is the company which uses the most types of grape -36 in total- in the whole of Mallorca and which produces the largest range of wines.

According to its manager and owner, Miguel Gelabert, two factors make this brand stand out from all the others. Firstly, its being a family business, and, secondly, its placing great importance on innovation. Every year, 10% of production is destined to experimentation with wines, barrels, woods and aging. In his opinion, the ‘boom’ being experienced in Mallorca is a positive thing, although it does not necessarily mean that anyone entering the market would have guaranteed results.

Miquel Gelabert wines, Mallorca

For a decade, now, in an old refurbished building which dates back to 1909, the aging, bottling and dispatch processes are carried out. The wine ages in the cellar, whose ceiling is made from a local limestone (marés) and where the conditions are perfectly peaceful, dark and humid.

The vineyards, seven hectares of land which produce 40,000 bottles each year, are located in the outskirts of Mancor. Half of the wine produced is sold in Mallorca, 20% in mainland Spain and 30% abroad, primarily in Germany and Switzerland.


All in all, he underlines that, beyond the tourism brand, it is important to offer visitors –and the consumer in general- quality wines, something which this company is strongly committed to: in the past ten years, Vins Miquel Gelabert has won more than 90 prizes in national and international competitions. Not counting those yet to be won…

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