figues-fig-feigen-higueras-mallorcaIn the heart of the Marina de Llucmajor, Mallorca, stands the Son Mut Nou Finca, here the earth is dry and rain is a rare commodity, fig trees make the most of the dryness and extract what they need from the dry ground and clay to produce an even more tasty fruit.


It is here that Montserrat Pons has undertaken an experiment that has never been attempted anywhere else in the world; using shoots from the Miner fig trees, he has designed and developed a project that is now reality, he has formed an experimental field for cultivating fig trees, these can then be studied so as to gain more scientific knowledge relating to the tree and it’s fruit, while  protecting its heritage and our phylogenetic resources, at the same time promoting traditional and popular culture and searching for ways to exploit the figs, but always with a selfless aim.


Thousands of fig tress grace Son Mut Nou, there are 834 different varieties hailing from all corners of the Balearic Islands, the main land, and other far away, exotic lands, there are plenty of shapes, colours and sizes, all a miraculous witness to this dream come true.

Visiting the fig trees can be arranged, as well as the chance to taste the wonderful figs they produce.



Experimental fig farming: cultivation, preservation and promotion
Higueral en la Marina de Llucmajor
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