Aubocassa Extra Virgin Olive OilAubocassa oil, under the Protected Denomination of Origin, “Oli de Mallorca”, is cultivated on the Albocàsser estate, in Manacor. It is greeny-yellow in colour and opaque, since it is an unfiltered oil.


Aubocassa Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The following characteristics make this oil an exquisite-tasting product: optimum timing for harvesting the olives, a speedy transportation to the mill for pulping, and a pressing at temperatures not higher than 27 degrees, so as not to lose the aromas.


The result is an oil obtained directly from olives and using only mechanical processes, with an aroma of vegetables, aromatic herbs and ramallet tomatoes and a taste of unripened almonds and ripe fruits.


The production method subscribes to the “chateau” concept, with the raw ingredients coming from a single estate and oils from different years never being mixed, as with the best wines.


Aubocassa Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sold in 55 countries and has won over the palates of the greatest chefs worldwide. It can be found in the kitchen of the sophisticated Quintensence, a three-Michelin-star restaurant in Tokio run by chef Shuzo Kishida; and in the restaurant Mathias Dahlgren, at Grand Hotel Stockholm, run by Bocuse d’Or winner Mathias Dahlgren.

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extra virgin olive oil Aubocassa