Mallorca has its own native variety of tomato known as the ramellet tomato, which is traditionally sown onto string and hung to prolong its preservation.

History (Lycopersicon-Esculentum-Mill)

The tomato is of Mexican origin and was introduced by Spanish conquerors in the sixteenth century. It was once believed that the tomato was poisonous because of its red colour.

The stringing of ramellet tomatoes has been a tradition on the island of Mallorca for over 100 years, and remains alive thanks to it being passed from mother to daughter.

Pamboli”, Mallorcan for ‘bread with oil’

Tomàtiga de ramellet“, the Ramellet tomato, is a key ingredient in Mallorcan cuisine

“Ramellet” mallorcan tomato is used for preparing the typical ‘arroz brut’ rice dish, as well as the famous ‘pamboli’.

One of our most typical dishes, it is also one of the most simple, and exquisite, and no visitor should leave without trying it.

The ramellet tomato, Lycopersicon-Esculentum-Mill


The tomato goes hand in hand with pan payés, usually toasted over the embers of a fire, spread with mallorca tomato, and drizzled with olive oil and a pinch of salt. 

Some people toast the bread first, and rub it with fresh garlic or add slices of garlic shoots. It is often accompanied with cheeses, hams, Mallorcan-style green olives or capers.

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