Ordinas-Llucmajor Cutler’sThis craft workshop is dedicated to the manufacture of the typical Mallorcan penknives with ram’s horn handle and Mallorcan kitchen knives.

Here, all manner of cutting tools related to the islands’ rural existence are manufactured, such as handsaws, sheep-shears, sickles, axes, blades for trimming palm trees, tree grafting tools, etc.

Ordinas Llucmajor Cutlery. Majorcan pocket knives, Mallorcan kitchen knives, folding knives, Trinxet, grafting, fisherman, shepherd

Typical Mallorcan knives

There are in fact seven different models of Mallorcan penknife: the Trinxet, the most popular due to its half-moon shape, for cutting farmhouse bread; the “D’Empeltar”, for grafting; the Fisherman’s penknife, for cutting fishing wire; the Shepherd’s knife, for game and skinning animals; the “Etxurat” and the “Porquer”, both used in the field; and finally the “Gatzolla”, also curved, though not as much so the “Trinxet”, that is used for vines.


The handles are manufactured using different materials, with ram’s horn being the most popular material. They also come made from stag’s horn, olivewood, laminated wood, etc.


Lluc Ordinas, considered a master of the trade, continues in this profession which has been passed down through his family for four generations.


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