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Antoni Bennassar, the pastel tuareg

In the world of art and specifically painting, we have always known techniques such as oil painting, water colours and drawing, but from these a new, completely unknown style emerges, and this is where we find Toni Benassar, born in Manacor, master and defender of this technique, a real fighter in a desert full of well-defined oases, a true pastel tuareg.

Miquela Lladó, a singer-songwriter in full bloom of creativity

Interview with Miquelina LladóIn 1981, she founded Musica Nostra and nearly 30 years later, the band is now a point of reference for lovers of traditional music. However, Miquaela Lladó’s career is rather more vast. she started in 1967 and has built up a successful solo career with periodical collaborations with distinguished bands. In 2004, the Mallorcan singer-songwriter found herself in the album “Com un ventall”

Ramón Llull

Ramon Llull (1232-1316) was a devout Mallorcan philosopher and theologian. He was the first author to use a neo-Latin language to express his philosophical, scientific and technical findings. His acute perception meant that he was responsible for introducing many new concepts and discoveries and he was also the creator of a literary Catalan language.

Santa Catalina Thomàs

The thing about Santa Catalina Tomás is that she is not a Saint from the bible, but an ordinary everyday person who later was beatified by the pope, in her case Pope Pius VI in 1792 and ever since Santa Catalina Tomás has been celebrated in Valldemossa once a year.

Maria Antònia Salvà

Maria Antonia Salvà (1869 – 1958) is the foremost modern Catalan poet. She lived the early part of her life in La Llapassa, Llucmajor, with her aunts.


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