Came to our ears in the Blu Copas was a very high level shaker capable of preparing a cocktail that will transport you to exotic places with only try, and considering that the Mojito party was celebrated on Blu Copas then we decided to move to the place to check.



Said and done! We challenge the aforementioned genius shaker to surprise us with their creations, from the ever-exotic “caipiroskas chocolate” to the exciting “orgasms” through the very rich “pink”, all prepared with a personal touch that we can not going to reveal. With sense distributed by the world thanks to the flavors we had the pleasure of tasting, we got carried away by the always great atmosphere of this place and this time because of the Mojito Blu Copas party.



Use Sintes (Jefe sección Ocio), Sheila Leon (Reportera), Kico Sarmiento (Fotógrafo)