mallorca-islas-malgrats-calviaThe Las Malgrats Islands are made up of two islets and are located within the municipality of Calvià, opposite the Bay of Santa Ponça. The over 100 hectares occupied by the Las Magrats Islands are exploited traditionally and sustainably by professional fishing vessels and by tourist boats, in compliance with the restrictions established by the General Directorate of Fishing and Protection of Natural Reserves.


In 1984, Calvià Local Council embarked on the process of having the Las Magrats Islands declared a marine reserve, which it did not achieve until May 2004, in recognition of the high ecological and fishing value of the region, as well as the diversity of animal habitats and communities.


In 2007, the sinking of the Balearic frigate, a boat over 133 metres in length, was approved, with the vessel now lying 400 metres from the Las Malgrats Islands. This ship is a paradise for scuba-diving fans, since it forms an artificial reef which stimulates the increase in marine life in the region.

The Las Malgrats nature reserve is, without a doubt, a unique site where visitors can enjoy nature in its wild state, with responsible fishing and sporting activities such as scuba-diving, kayaking or sailing.