For the non-experts or novices in the noble sport of hiking over mountains or torrents, it’s pretty tough and, depending on the trail, difficult and complicated. Indispensable: good walking boots,  outdoor clothing, some food and at least 2 litres of water.

The walk has to start early in the morning, as crossing the “Torrent de Pareis” without incident takes around five hours. If it has rained recently the excursion is best forgotten.

Walk assuredly, jump confidently, but take care. If you feel unsure, sit on the rock and slide along it.

The trail descends gently over 3,300 metres, with an average incline of 5.14%, until it comes out at Puerto de la Calobra, after covering a difference in ground level of 180 metres.

The excursion begins in front of the Escorca restaurant, at kilometre 25.2 of the MA-10 road, six kilometres from Lluc.

Torrente de Pareis-Sa Calobra