Category: Flora of Mallorca


The rosemary is one of the more well known Mediterranean plants, thanks to its culinary and medicinal uses. This shrub is very abundant from sea level to mountains, in dry, sunny areas on calcareous soils, is woody, perennial and can reach 2 meters.


Characteristics:A perennial herb, with an underground trunk, it produces new leaves every year during winter and afterwards they dry up in summer.

Filago petro-ianii

Characteristics:An endemic plant of Mallorca, it can be found in garrigue clearings in the driest regions of Mallorca, in the region spanning between the extreme south of Marina de Llucmajor up to the coasts of Xorrigo, between 20 and 150 metres above sea level.

Orquídea de Prat

An orquid that inhabits wet areas close to the sea, can be found in flooded areas or alongside the borders. It is relatively large, can reach up to more than a half meter in height.

Arum pictum L.

Arum pictum has large leaves like Arum italicum, but they have clearly visible white veins and a fine reddish line along the leaf’s margin.

Hypericum balearicum L.

Characteristics: The Hypericum balearicum is one of the emblematic plants of the Balearic Islands. A beautiful endemic shrub that is relatively common to the Serra de Tramuntana, and less common in the other isles.

Erica multiflora

Perennial bush of the heather family – ericaceae- till 2 m. tall. Erect stems. Leaves in whorls. Flowers grouped in compact racemes with long peduncles.

Cistus albidus L.

The white rock rose has pink flowers, but the leaves are light green. It can only be mistaken for Cistus incanus, which in the Balearics lives exclusively in Menorca, however the latter has dark green leaves with a petiole; all the other rock roses have white flowers.

Wild saffron

Wild saffron (Crocus cambessedesii.) is easily identifiable just by its leaves because they are very long and narrow, they are very dark green but have a whitish line running from top to bottom.


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