Fields full of blossoming almond trees (prunus dulcis) are a typical sight in Mallorca from February onwards.

The petals of the almond blossom range from white to lilac.

It is also heart-warming in the springtime in Mallorca to see the many young lambs in the fields. The local Majorcan sheep has adapted well to the food it finds on the island.

Majorcan sheep

The sea around Mallorca takes on a beautiful colour in the springtime. It is a lot clearer than in the summer, and not too cold. The average ambience temperature in Mallorca during the spring is about 18ª. Sadly many springs in Mallorca are very dry, but this means that it is the perfect time to swim, dive, paddle surf or kitesurf, wearing a wetsuit.

Palma - Lloret de Vistalegre route

George Sand hated the winter she spent in Mallorca. Maybe the problem was not the apparent lack of hospitality, the difference of opinions or the humidity in the Cartuja de Valldemosa. It could just be that she chose the wrong time to visit Mallorca with her children and Frédéric Chopin.