Wild flowers. Mallorca’s fields and woodlands come to life in the spring and summer. The vegetation is typically Mediterranean, and we find many endemic species, including a great number of small orchids.

Wild flowers in Mallorca (Genista lucida)



The Genista lucida, a prickly bush, is endemic to Mallorca’s pine forests and thickets.


There are other similar bushes, like the genista majorica, that populate the Serra de Tramuntana.





Wild flowers in Mallorca (Asphodelus aestivus)



The Asphodelus aestivus boasts beautiful strong stems with multiple white flowers that look like miniature lilies.



We can also find the Convolvulus althaeoides L, a pretty climber with serrated leaves and bell shaped flowers.




Wild flowers in Mallorca (Cistus albidus L.)



The Cistus albidus L. is a bush with red flowers and light green leaves, a feature of the woodlands; in Mallorca, it is known as the estepa blanca.




Wild flowers in Mallorca (Cistus monspeliensis L.)


And then there is the Cistus monspeliensis L. that has a woodier appearance, with dark green leaves and large bright white flowers.



Lavender (Lavándula latifolia) is cultivated ornamentally, but in some cases, it grows wild. It flowers during the spring.



Wild flowers in Mallorca, poppies


And we can’t forget the daisies (Chrysanthemum coronarium) and poppies that embellish so many fields.






Wild flowers in Mallorca (Convolvulus althaeoides L.)