“Tourists  should  get  to  know  our  countryside and our people” The President of Mallorca Council, Francina Armengol, believes that the model of sun and sand will never lose its appeal because, what with today’s stressful pace of life,  it  constitutes  the  perfect  antidote for both mind and body.


Armengol shares her opinions about the tourists that visit our island and tells us how she herself enjoys the natural beauty spots of the Island.

Francina-Armengol_MallorcaIf you were to send a welcome  message  to  tourists  visiting our island, what would it be?
I would tell them that Mallorca is a land that abounds in natural wonders that are recognised across the globe, but that it also has a history, tradition, culture and rich heritage that are entirely unique. I would tell them to not spend all their time on our  beaches,  which  are  fantastic, and really get to know our countryside and our people.

So when the President goes on holiday, does she go abroad or do the tourist thing here?
Both. If I have a long stretch of time, I go abroad, but I also enjoy staying on the Island. I know it well by  now,  but  I  still  enjoy  going  on trips and really getting to know the 53 municipalities.

Out of rambling, cyclotourism,  boating  or  golf-  which do you prefer?
I actually like the one thing you haven’t   mentioned:   gastronomy. We eat very well here, and produce top quality wines.

What is the future of tourism in Mallorca?
The model of sun and sand will never  die  out  because  people  will always demand it, and the Island is a  safe,  quality  destination.  But  we need to innovate and that is what we are  working  on  within  the  relevant organisations  and  hotel  industry. Our  online  businesses  are  among the best internationally, and perhaps the future represents a change in the way we sell the product.