cura-1Trip to Puig de Randa and Cura monastery

In the middle of the expansive plains of Mallorca, between the towns of Algaida and Llucmajor, rises Randa mountain.


It stands some 548 metres above sea level.

Old doctors used to believe that the environment at the peak of the mountain was very favourable for patients with respiratory conditions and for curing rheumatism, despite what one might think expect given the wind and snowfall.


This trip can be started on foot from Algaida, passing through Castellitx, where daytrippers should visit the beautiful Ermita de la Pau (Peace Hermitage) and Predio de Albenya (Albenya Estate).

From there the route heads up to Cura, at the summit of Randa mountain, from where you can see the whole of flat Mallorca and Palma bay. The chapels of Sant Honorat and Nuestra Señora de Gracia (15th century) can be visited on the descent towards Randa.

We return to Algaida through the picturesque little town of Randa. A round trip of 1km on foot, although travelling by car until Randa and visiting the three sanctuaries from there reduces walking distance to 6km.

Natural Features

Mountain with mesophile garrigues, holm oak and olive groves. The common kestrel, crow, typical warbler, rockero, African stonechat and, in winter, the thrush and the robin. Small population of the red-legged partridge. Weasel, North African hedgehog, and the garden dormouse are the most typical mammals.