200g of Cod – 2 Golden delicious Apples – 2 tbsp of chopped black olives – 1 tomato, peeled and deseeded – Mixed salad leaves – Salt – Virgin olive oil and butter – Sugar

For the honey vinagrette:
50ml honey – 50ml balsamic vinegar – 200ml Predio Son Quint olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil Predio Son Quint



Marinade the cod in the virgin olive oil for 5 minutes, put to one side.
Peel and chop the apples.
Fry the apples in a frying pan in a little bit of butter with some sugar. Put to one side.
Cut the tomato up into small pieces.
Mix the tomato with the black olives, add some oil and season. Put to one side.


To make the honey vinagrette:

Mix the honey and vinegar and whisk vigorously.
Slowly incorporate the Predio Son Quint oil, as if you were making a mayonnaise.
Put to one side.




Dress the salad leaves with the vinaigrette.
Flake the cod and put on the bottom of the plate.
Add the fried apple to the cod.
Put the olive and tomato mix on top of the apple and cod.
Finish off by putting the dressed salad leaves on top.