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Jaguar classic cocktail

Classic cars are a luxury for the hearing, if Jaguar is the thing whole sum. Authentic jewelry or works of art that ply our roads with majesty. We were able to admire these wonderful cars with our own eyes in a beautiful setting that’s available in the Hotel La Residencia in Deia located.

Backstage opening

The times that are less conducive to our business of the evening is no secret, however, the public continues to demand new bets that offer variety in their leisure with the highest quality without that trigger prices.

Jaime Anglada Concert in Ses Voltes

A Jaime Anglada concert of equal strength and delivers on stage. Following his tour of Spain fell for their homeland Palma de Mallorca, where love and admire him wherever he goes. Making a waste of talent as he usually was able to put up the public, a very dedicated public in Ses Voltes, where they chanted every one of his songs.

Mojito Blu Copas party

Came to our ears in the Blu Copas was a very high level shaker capable of preparing a cocktail that will transport you to exotic places with only try, and considering that the Mojito party was celebrated on Blu Copas then we decided to move to the place to check.

Lino’s Bacardi Party

We drove to Balneario 6, Palma beach where we could see first hand the environment that prevails in the Arenal area, only to dive in the area will feel involved in the Germanic spirit that colonized the area each summer.


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