An Es Variat is one of our gastronomical and cultural symbols. Eating a variat is a well rooted habit in Majorcan society, but what is a variat?

It is basically a mix of all the tapas available in a bar or bodega. Small samples of each variety, served in one dish, normally an earthenware or ceramic bowl.

It is simply a varied mix, hence its name, of all the tapas that a bar or a bodega has made.

A variat is always served with a great bread, one of the biggest pleasures is to dip the bread in the sauce from the different tapas. You can ask for it in small, medium or large portions, and even though the tapas can be extremely varied we will normally find, frito Mallorquin, croquettes, breaded calamari, tripe, pica-pica, kidneys, Russian salad, mushrooms, meatballs, etc.

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