Cycletourism route: Palma-Capdellà-EsporlesRoute to: Palma – Capdellà – Esporles. Palma – Coll de Sa Creu – Calvià – Capdellà – Galilea – Puigpunyent – Esporles – Palma.  





Cycletourism to: Palma - Capdellà - Esporles

A short route which never strays very far from Palma but which does incorporate 3 ascents. None of them are excessively long, though there are quite steep stretches with an 8 to 10% incline. It is possible to cut it short by returning more directly from Puigpunyent to Palma, without ascending to Superna.

Km: 59,049
Difficulty: Moderate
Approximate duration: 2,5 – 3 h.

Points of interest:
Coll de Sa Creu ***
Calvià ***
Es Capdellà ***
Galilea – Puigpunyent ****
Superna and Vall de Superna ****
Esporles ****

DESCRIPTION Route to: Palma – Capdellà – Esporles:

We start from Ciclos Bimont, until nearing the Son Dureta hospital (the Génova road), from where we will take the MA-1043, pass the Infantry Barracks and begin the climb to Coll de Sa Creu. From here, and throughout the ascent, we will be able to see the whole of Palma bay.

Cycletourism to: Palma - Capdellà - Esporles


We head towards Calvià along the MA-1016 and, from there, to Capdellà, where we will begin the ascent to Galilea, via the MA-1032. It is worth stopping at this picturesque town.

After a short descent along the same road, we will arrive at the town of Puigpunyent, which we will cross in the direction of Esporles, along the MA-1101.

Before joining the MA-1100, it is worth stopping at La Granja, a beautiful, tenth century mansion, surrounded by lush vegetation, beautiful gardens and natural springs.

From here, we head to Establiments and then Palma. Route to: Palma – Capdellà – Esporles

Cycletourism route: Palma-Capdellà-Esporles, Mallorca