entrenando-alrededor-de-palma-ciclo-1This time, rather than a cyclotourism route, today we are bringing you a progressive training plan, with the routes outlined increasing in length and difficulty. The descriptions of the sites of touristic interest found along them are given in other routes already published in this magazine.


We have provided four options below.

Starting at Ciclos Bimont, all of the routes head out along the MA-1041 where, after 5km, we turn left onto the MA-1016 in the direction of Calvià.

Option A (Coll de Sa Creu, Palma): 21.900 km. Difficulty: IBP index 49


Continuing along the MA-1016 we circle the Coll dels Tords and, after 500m, turn left along the MA-1043 until reaching the Coll de Sa Creu. From here we head down towards Palma, passing the Infantry Barracks, and take the Camí dels Reis at the roundabout, which will bring us to back to our starting point.

Option B (Galilea, Palma): 42.058 km. Difficulty: IBP index 111


Route the same as Option A until reaching the Coll dels Tords. Here we continue in the direction of Calvià along the MA-1016 and, from there, to Capdellà along the MA-1015. We turn right along the MA-1032 and make the ascent to Galilea, the descent to Puigpunyent and, from there, without leaving the MA-1041, we return to our starting point.

ption C (Esporles, Palma): 53.368 km. Difficulty: IBP index 152


As above, except in Puigpunyent we continue straight on along the MA-1101, as far as Graó de Superna. Once we have completed the descent, we head right along the MA-110 in the direction of Esporles, from where we will head for Establiments and, from there, to Palma. At the roundabout at the industrial estate, we turn right onto Camí dels Reis, to turn once again at the next roundabout and reach our destination.

Option D (Valldemossa, Palma): 67.950 km. Difficulty: IBP index 175


As before, except when reaching the MA-1100 we turn left towards Valldemossa, taking the exit to the right which will take us along the MA-10 to Valldemossa, via the Coll d’en Claret.

From Valldemossa we descend into Palma along the MA-1130, to reach the Camí dels Reis and return to our starting point.

Full Training:


Option A:
21.900km, difficulty: IBP index 49