Mallorca, Gastronomy: Trampó

“Trampó” is a harmonious, well-balanced and refined dish consisting of tomato, green Mallorcan peppers and Mallorcan onion. Olive oil, salt and nothing else.

Mallorca, Gastronomy: Trampó



A lot of tomato, a little pepper and even less onion. Always made with pure ingredients from the earth.

The pepper must be very clean and have absolutely no seeds.

The onion is to be cut lengthwise. Under no circumstances should an onion for “Trampó” be diced; we must take our food seriously!

Mallorca, Gastronomy: Trampó“Trempar” consists of mixing, stirring, combining and seasoning- the correct sequence for preparing a good “Trampó”.

It is advisable to first add the salt and then the olive oil. They do not need to be used in excess; the dish must remain moist but the ingredients should not be swimming.