Almond nougatIn the Balearics are made nougat craftsmanship and exclusive as the “tambor d’ametlla”. The “tambor d’ametlla” is an almond nougat hard consistency of a slightly darker color than honey.




Ingredients almond nougat:

– 1 kg of roasted and peeled whole almonds

– 1 kg of sugar

– 1 whole lemon

– 5 tablespoons water

– A bit of olive oil


Almond nougat



Almond nougat is made by mixing raw and peeled almonds, sugar and water, holding the fire, stirring constantly until sugar is melted and almonds join.


The mixture obtained is spread on hot plate to form a half inch, to achieve a smoother surface pushed the mass with half a lemon, and before it cools cut into pieces.

Almond nougat

Almond nougat