5 Best dive sites in MallorcaThere are not many diving locations in Europe that are blessed with warm crystal clear water and a great amount of caves and coves.


Thus, if you want to go cave diving in Europe your best bet is Mallorca. First things first, Mallorca has about 70 dive sites for all levels. This is a complete guide to diving in Mallorca with all the dive sites. Nonetheless, if you don’t have much time and would just like to do a few, here is the list of top 5 dive sites in Mallorca:

1. Sa Madonna
This dive site features a large cave with air pockets inside. At the caves entrance you will be able to spot an impressive statue of Virgin Mary placed here by a fisherman. The maximum depth is 25m and its located close to Cap de Llamp.

2. Isla del Sec
Isla del Sec as a dive site is formed of 2 wrecks: 18 and 25 meters long. Both wrecks have accumulated an artificial reef, thus you will be able to see a lot of different marine life during the dive. The maximum depth is 30 meters and its located just of El Sec.

3. Llebeig (Cabrera)
Into big fish much? This dive site is also known as the “groupers paradise”. This dive has one of the best visibilities on the island. If you are luck a grouper named Bernard will be waiting for you and will even allow some photos together. The dive site is 30 meters deep and is located next to Cabrera port in Cabrera National Park.

4. The Swiss Cheese and House of the Holy
If you love to go through the under water tunnels this dive site is for you. Usually, you will do two dive sites at once: House of the Holy an amazing field of rocks and the Swiss Cheese an interconnected tunnel structure to explore. The maximum depth here is 23 meters and the dive site is located between Alcúdia and Port de Pollença.

5. Es Faralló,  “The Big Cheese”
And the winner is – the Big Cheese. Similar to the Swiss Cheese this dive site features a set of tunnels, however the Big Cheese is an actual rock island pierced with tunnels and holes and the coves have the best game of light on Mallorca. The maximum depth is 30 meters and this dive site is located in Cala Ratjada.

5 Best dive sites in Mallorca

5 Best dive sites in Mallorca