The streets of Palma are adorned with many sculptures.

We would like to propose a tour visiting some of these, contemporaneous and gothic, some with great artistic significance, others that are just symbols of this beautiful city.

The tour starts in the Plaza de la Porta de Santa Catalina. Here sits the upside-down church: “Device to Root Out Evil”, by Dennis Oppenheim, identical to the one found in the Denver Art Museum, the only difference being the materials used.

From here we head towards Paseo Sagrera, where we find La Lonja, a gothic building. In the portal, we see a guardian angel, “Defenedor de la Mercaderia” (Defender of the merchandise), a sculpture by the building’s architect, Guillerm Sagrera.

Angel custodio, La Lonja de Palma

A walk among Palma’s sculptures, Joan Miró


Further on, on the corner of Avenida Antonio Maura, we see a massive statue paying tribute to Ramón Llull, work of Horacio de Eguia.


On Calle Palau Reial, we can study the bronze sculpture of a woman, by Joan Miró, called “Monumento”. The beginning and end of the Bourne are guarded by four sphinxes, work of sculptor Jacint Mateu.


In front of the stairs up to Plaza Mayor sits the concrete sculpture “Lugar de Encuentro V” (Meeting Point 5) by Eduardo Chillida.


This is the end of our proposed tour of city sculptures, but there are many more to see.

A walk among Palma’s sculptures