The oldest church in Palma, Santa Eulalia, can be found right in the centre of the old town.

Building started back in 1230, thanks to a donation from King Jaime I, taking three centuries to complete. The 6-meter rosette can still be seen in its facade.

Palma from up high, Santa Eulalia church


It is the only church in Palma with three gothic naves.

Above the naves, you can walk around the terraces and discover other gothic architectonic features, such as the flying buttress or the long colourful windows. The whole building is adorned with slim line pinnacles.

Next to the terraces is the bell tower, rising 55 meters above the terrace itself it is the tallest bell tower in Palma.

Inside there are 4 working bells. The largest weighs 4 tons, but the oldest dates to 1788, the date is engraved on the bronze bell itself.

This architectonic, historic and cultural monument is open to the public.

Boasting panoramic views of the city, visiting this church is a must, even if only once in a lifetime to enrich the soul.


Palma from up high, Santa Eulalia church Palma from up high, Santa Eulalia church