Isolated unspoiled beach, not very crowded, white sand, thin, calm water, 1400 m long x 50 m wide.
approximately 1 hour.
approximately 2 kilometres.
Very easy

Es Carbó beach, Mallorca

South of Colònia de Sant Jordi towards Cap de Ses Salines dream bays are to be found such as, for example, the Platja de Es Carbó, which can be reached in half an hour on foot. But then a beach measuring 300 m in width and 50 m in breadth, gently sloping into the sea enchants with the finest sand.

The beaches are quiet and hardly developed and represents an alternative in the peak season to the sometimes somewhat overcrowded beach of Es Trenc on the other side of Colònia de Sant Jordi.

The flat trail starts to the right of the lighthouse and skirts the coastline the entire way. The National Maritime-Terrestrial Park of the Cabrera Archipelago can be seen at all times. The trail passes through several coves until reaching Es Caragol, a long beach of white sand. Cross the beach and follow the coastal trail to Es Carbó, the following beach.

During the course of our excursion and, above all, at our destination, “Es Carbó” beach, we can see the “Lliris de Mar” or, as they are called in English, Sea Daffodils. This is a legally-protected plant included in the Balearic Catalogue of Threatened Plant Species.

“Es Carbó” is one of the few places on Mallorca where this flower can be found. PLEASE do not pick them – it is our responsibility to preserve this species.

Es Carbó beach, Mallorca